The Authors

Fabian Landherr is an expert in the domain of dafety & risk management with longtime experience in safety-critical industries. He is the founder and managing director of safety & risk solutions GmbH and supports organizations in their risk management and on their way towards a positive safety culture. Fabian holds a master’s degree in business administration (MSc.) and a master’s degree in human factors & system safety (MSc.)

Sifra Corver (PHD) is a Human Factor specialist with a background in Organizational Cognitive Psychology with a focus on accident analysis and investigation. She started her professional career as a consultant in various high-risk industries and is currently working as a Human Factors Specialist in aviation, focussing in designing systems to ensure optimal human performance in safety critical environments. She is a reviewer for various scientific journals and contributes voluntary by writing various articles on human-centric design and human factors/human performance topics.

Christian Wilhelm MRAeS is a Human Factors Specialist with background in Nuclear, Aviation, Construction and Manufacturing. In his current role he supports nuclear decommissioning of the Dounreay Site where he applies his human factors expertise to ensure that employees can reliably and efficiently perform their task. In addition, he also integrates HFE principles in other aspects of the organization. He attends the UK Safety Directors’ Nuclear Human Performance Forum where he serves as liaison officer to increase the influence of human factors in the nuclear industry. He regularly provides advice to the forum on the integration of systems ergonomics to improve human performance, safety and resilience. He is the group lead of the Nuclear Sector Interest Group of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Having a broad professional understanding of human factors and ergonomics and being an avid astronomer, he developed an interest in space exploration and frequently provides lectures about the challenges of human spaceflight and exploration of planets through his STEM activity and has co-authored a paper which discusses the socio technical issues of a human colony on Mars.

Carsten Busch has studied Mechanical Engineering, Safety, Human Factors and spent some time at Law School. He has over 27 of experience in HSEQ Management at various levels in organisations from various public, railway and oil & gas related organisation in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Norway. He is active in various professional forums, including the Dutch Society for Safety Science (NVVK) and his own website He is involved in the Lund University Human Factors and System Safety program as a tutor. His main research interests include the history of knowledge development and discourse in safety. He published some well-received safety books, Safety Myth 101, Veiligheidsfabels 1-2-3 and If You Can’t Measure It… Maybe You Shouldn’t. A monograph on safety pioneer H.W. Heinrich is planned for 2021. Other fields of expertise include progressive rock, single malt whisky and fantasy literature. Having bought an old large house, he is still learning more about do-it-yourself than he ever wanted.